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Dry-Bulk Shippers Down, Far From Out. Listen at

Posted on Tuesday, April 22 2008
Michael Bodouroglou, CEO of Paragon Shipping, says Wall Street is underestimating China's demand for raw materials.

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Interview with Chairman and CEO Michael Bodouroglou,, January 24, 2008

Posted on Thursday, January 24 2008
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Global IPOs hit record in face of credit crunch? FinancialWeek, December 10, 2007

Posted on Monday, December 10 2007
October, November saw the heaviest equity issuance of year. Upcoming Visa IPO, other deals point to new record in '08. 
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INTERVIEW-Paragon Shipping sees freighters full for 2 years? Reuters, December 6, 200

Posted on Thursday, December 6 2007
While Paragon has a strict environmental policy, including never discharging into seas, Bodouroglou said he thinks governments need to monitor emissions, and industry efforts to improve its record include talk of changes in fuel composition, and more efficient engines, equipment, and hull designs.
INTERVIEW-Paragon Shipping sees freighters full for 2 years

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